Dahlia tubers

Dahlia tubers

Welcome to our US dahlia website!

FAM look bookDue to the Corona situation, we hope to ship all dahlia orders after April 14th. 

Our strengths:

  • 30 years of experience in growing Dahlia tubers and fresh-cut Dahlia flowers.
  • our tubers are certified as “sustainably produced”, which means better for nature, the environment, climate, and animals.
  •  we deliver multiple clumps of tubers and not the single tuber, so more vigor in the first vulnerable weeks.

If you want to know more about growing dahlias, download our free Dahlias-for-Dummies handbook!


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Clumps of Dahlia tubers directly from the Farm

Our dahlia tubers come from our own Flower Farm and we guarantee top quality. Dahlias are very easy and rewarding plants in the garden. From 1 clump of dahlia tubers (also named bulb or flower bulb) grows 1 large plant that gives dozens of flowers. We deliver the big clumps and not the single tubers so it has lots of growing power and multiple eyes to grow from. The more flowers you cut from the plant, the more new buds will start to bloom. You can cut out faded flowers or cut fresh flowers and put them in the house or on the garden table and enjoy them twice. Dahlia tubers need little care. They bloom from July until the first frost falls in October or November.

Order Dahlia tubers online

It is very easy to order dahlia tubers online from our Farm. We deliver these by post as soon as it is time to plant the dahlia tubers (late April / early May). Of course you will receive an extensive plant instruction. Our webshop includes different types and sizes and contains an assortment of about 50 different types of dahlias that you can order online. We have dahlia tubers for sale that give very small flowers but also large XXL flowers, these are the so-called dinnerplate dahlias. There are dahlias in different lengths but also in many different forms such as: pompon, ball dahlia, double-flowered or single dahlia, decorative and cactus dahlia. Dahlia tubers are also named dahlia bulbs or dahlia bulbs.

When to plant dahlia tubers?

Dahlias are great summer flowers that originally come from Mexico. They love heat so give them a sunny spot and do not plant them too deeply. The best planting time is when the chance of frost is over in spring (April, May or early June). Every dahlia tuber grows into a sturdy plant and produces dozens of flowers. They bloom from July until the first frost falls in the autumn.

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Follow the story of our Farm

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you can follow the story about our dahlia tubers, our Flower Farm and the seasons. Enjoy the beautiful flower fields. We also give handy garden tips and we explain special varieties. On Pinterest you can easily view all the beautiful dahlia pictures and pin them on your own board.