Tulip bulbs

Tulip bulbs

Exclusive tulip offer: Bloomeffects X FAM Flower Farm

We have put together a nice pink-lilac mix powered by Bloomeffects X FAM Flower Farm. It contains 5 different tulips and 20 bulbs of each variety, so 100 tulips in 1 box! Your garden will be full of flowers next spring.

The colors of these exclusive tulip varieties fit perfectly together. Plant them in fall (October to December) and they will bloom next spring (March-April depending on your location). You can plant them both in your garden and in pots.

Shipping date: as of October 2020


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Tulip bulbs directly from the grower at FAM Flower Farm

We grow all tulip bulbs ourselves and guarantee top quality. You will receive a large size bulb so you can expect beautiful bold flowers. We have various types of tulip bulbs for sale such as single and double tulips, multi-coloured and also fringed tulips. Tulip bulbs give a wonderful spring feeling to your garden.

Order Tulip Bulbs online

It is very easy to order tulip bulbs online from our Farm in Holland. We deliver these (within EU en USA) by post in an attractive gift box, as soon as it is time to plant the tulip bulbs (as of October). We also sell Dahlia tubers that are increasingly popular summerflowers. Checkout the enormous range of varieties, sizes and colors at our dahlia webshop.

Planting tulip bulbs

The best time to plant tulip bulbs is in the autumn, from October to December. Tulip bulbs need a period of cold first before they start to bloom. All food is already inside the tulip bulb, so it can hardly go wrong. Plant tulip bulbs together in groups or divided into the border. Tulips also do very well in (well-drained) pots. In spring the tulips pop up and you can enjoy your flower garden. Plant a lot so you can cut off some flowers and also enjoy them in your home.

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