Edge of Joy

Dahlia Edge of Joy is a sweetheart. It stays short, growing only to about 40 centimetres. This dahlia is also a real sweetie in terms of colour. Its cute flowers reveal two layers of white petals around a yolk-coloured heart, from which a beautiful dark purple colour flares up. This dahlia does well in borders and is suitable for planting in pots. As its heart, containing pollen and nectar, is easy to reach for insects, Edge of Joy is a great choice if you want to create a bee and butterfly garden.

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More Information
Type of product Dahlia tubers
Color Pink
Planting period Spring, after the last frost
Flowering period July-November
Flower size M
Flower shape Single flower
Suitable for pots Yes
Attracts bees and butterflies Yes
Height 60 cm / 24"
Number per package 1 dahlia tuber clump