Terms and Conditions

FAM Flower Farm - Heereweg 361 - 2161 CB Lisse - The Netherlands

1 Applicability

1.1 All tenders, orders and agreements that are made between the orderer and FAM Flower Farm are subject to these terms and conditions only.

1.2 In the event of deviating and/or additional terms, the ordering party may only make an appeal if and to the extent expressly accepted by FAM Flower Farm.

1.3 The ordering party who has been contracted on these terms only accepts the applicability of these terms to subsequent agreements between him or her and FAM Flower Farm.

2 Conclusion of agreement

2.1 Between FAM Flower Farm and the buyer, a purchase agreement will be concluded when the orderer accepts a purchase of FAM Flower Farm by completing and filling out the form provided by FAM flower farm via the website.

3 Price

3.1 Actions and offers are valid while stocks last.

3.2 The personal discount code is intended to recruit new paying customers from their own direct circle (via word of mouth, social media and / or email). The FAM Flower Farm discount codes may not be used for commercial purposes and / or purposes other than those for which they are issued. In addition, it is in no way allowed to use the brand name FAM Flower Farm and all possible wrong spelling combinations within url combinations and thereby drive traffic that is used to spread the discount code.

3.3 Any (attempted) fraud or other unauthorized action is recorded and denies the use of discount codes. FAM Flower Farm reserves the right to settle the resulting discount and accumulated credit with retroactive effect.

4 Payment

4.1 For payment, the ordering party may only use the payment options offered by FAM Flower Farm.

4.2 Payment will be made upon purchase after a purchase agreement has been reached.

4.3 If payment is not made immediately after purchase, FAM Flower Farm is entitled to terminate delivery immediately, without prejudice to the right to compensation and the right to collect arrears and to collect the corresponding collection costs to the orderer.

4.6 Invoices and payment reminders are offered exclusively electronically by FAM flower farm.

5. Delivery

5.1 We ship throughout the whole of the United States of America.

Delivery will be at the cost of the orderer at the order given delivery address.

5.3 The orderer (i.e., the person to whom the shipment is shipped) will be the declarant and importer in the country for which the shipment is intended.

5.4 The orderer is obliged to ensure that delivery of the products is possible at the delivery address you provide.

5.5 If the delivery of the products is not possible, the agreement can be met by offering the products to neighbors.

5.6 If, at the time of delivery, the products have not yet been paid in accordance with paragraph 4, FAM Flower Farm retains the property until the purchase price has been fully paid.

6 Repeal

6.1 When purchasing products, the ordering party has the opportunity to dissolve the agreement with a statement of reasons for 14 days. This period of time begins on the day after receipt of the order.

6.2 However, FAM Flower Farm products that can spoil or age soon (eg fresh flowers) are excluded from revocation.

6.3 During the bedtime, the orderer will carefully handle the product and the packaging. The buyer will only extract the products to the extent that it is necessary to assess whether he wishes to maintain the product. If the customer makes use of his right of withdrawal, he will contact by email with FAM Flower Farm (info@famflowerfarm.com). At the request of FAM Flower Farm, return the product with all delivered accessories and - if reasonably possible - in the original condition and packaging to FAM Flower Farm in accordance with the instructions given by FAM Flower Farm.

6.4 An order can be returned to the address given by FAM Flower Farm after e-mail contact.

6.5 The costs of return will be paid by the buyer.

6.6 If the orderer has already paid the products, FAM Flower Farm will refund the payment to the buyer within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

7 Data protection

7.1 When processing an order, we process the customer's personal information. In order to inform the orderer about what happens to his or her information, we apply a privacy statement.

8 Warranty and Liability

8.1 FAM Flower Farm only guarantees that the products supplied by them are suitable for the purpose for which they are intended on the basis of the information provided by FAM flower farm and guarantees that the products comply with any statutory obligations and other government regulations that apply to that purpose .

8.2 FAM Flower Farm guarantees that the products and services supplied by them are produced, respectively, delivered with respect for human and environment without the use of child labor.

9 Changes

9.1 FAM flower farm reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. It is advisable to consult these terms and conditions on a regular basis.

10 Dissolution

10.1 If the ordering party fails to fulfill its obligations under this agreement, FAM Flower Farm has the option to give the buyer the opportunity to meet his obligations within a time limit set by FAM Flower Farm. Whether to dissolve the agreement in full or in part without warning; FAM Flower Farm reserves the right, at any time, to recover from the contractor in addition to termination of the agreement, full compensation of all damages and costs.

11 Disputes and applicable law

11.1 All obligations between FAM Flower Farm and the orderer are governed by Dutch law.

11.2 The Arrondissementsrechtbank in Amsterdam (court) has exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes between FAM Flower Farm and the purchaser arising out of or otherwise related to the agreement.

12 Change your order
Once an order has been placed, please submit any changes at info@famflowerfarm.com. We cannot make changes to an order less than 14 days before your order will be shipped from Holland.

13 Cancel your order
Please let us know asap if you wish to cancel your order. We must receive your request at least 4 weeks (28 days) before your order will be shipped from Holland and a cancellation fee of $25 will apply. Requests to cancel orders less than 28 days prior to your requested delivery date will not be accepted and the order will be delivered as scheduled.

14 Images of FAM Flower Farm 

All images on this site may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of FAM Flower Farm.