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Our story FAM Flower Farm

We spread the love for flowers, from our flower farm in Holland to your garden!

Our FAM Flower Farm consists of two Dutch FAMily farms located in the beautiful Dutch flowerfield area next to Keukenhof in Lisse. 

We would like you to enjoy our beautiful flowers and flower bulbs from our flower farm and show you how easy it is to also enjoy fresh flowers in your garden or home.

Join our family, look at the heart of our farm and follow the Dutch seasons. Enjoy our tulips and daffodils in the Spring, cheerful dahlias in the Summer and Fall. We are proud of our flower farm and want to share our colorful moments with you. And to make sure you enjoy our flowers optimally, we’ll give you many tips, tricks and inspiration.

Meet our FAMilies

Family Van der Slot

HENK is the only son in the Van der Slot family. Together with his three sisters, he grew up around  the flower bulbs and started working as a young boy on  the flower farm. Tractor riding was his big hobby, and still is today. Henk is a real  flower bulb lover. He goes for the very best and most beautiful species, knows all the characteristics of tulips and daffodils and enjoys his work. He is proud that the flower field land is owned by the Van der Slot family for more than 200 years.

LINDA grew up on her parents’ flower farm in Noordwijkerhout. Therefore, her passion for flowers  started early. Linda helps Henk with the company's administration and promotional activities. Arranging and photographing flowers is her hobby.

BRITT is crazy about  cats. Every year there is a litter of young kittens. Britt brings loads of girlfriends who  like to come see the kittens after school. She likes to help and earn some money by cleaning the bulbs or selling fresh flowers.

TESS is asking questions all day. There is a lot going on in that head of hers with the big blue eyes, and she wants to have an explanation for everything that grows and flourishes. Lovingly, she wants fresh flowers in her own bedroom every day. If you are looking for her, you will most likely find her on the big trampoline in the garden.

Grandfather HANS and Grandmother RINA also live at the farm and still happy to help.

Family Weijers

HUBERT is the controller of the dahlia farm. After completing his education at the agricultural school, he began to grow flowers on the land at the age of 16. Both grandfathers and father  were growers, so he grew up on the farm as well. The cultivation of tubers and seeds, harvesting and delivery to our customers is regulated by Hubert. A specialist in the field of dahlias, who is always looking for new and special types.

MARLIES is the organizational force behind the farm, family, house and garden. Always working with pleasure, enthusiasm, creativity and always looking for new ideas and inspiration.

DAAN is the oldest son, he gladly helps his father with the business during school holidays. Preferably with his best friends, so that they can have a lot of fun working together during the weeding and harvesting of the flowers.

MEREL is the youngest daughter, who likes to be in the garden with her neighbor girls. She enjoys helping grandpa in the vegetable garden and grows her own flowers and herbs.

With cats, goats, chickens, a vegetable garden and fruit trees, there is always something going on around our FAM Flower Farm.

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