Delivery time

The actual delivery time per product is listed on the website of FAM Flower Farm.

Dahlia tubers are delivered to your address between the end of March and the end of April, depending on the climate zone you live in and the temperatures at that time.

Until that time we stock the tubers under perfect conditions for you in our warehouse in Holland. Therefore we are unable to ship your tubers earlier!


If you want to know the delivery time of larger quantities, please contact FAM Flower Farm by email:

In the case of out-of-stock products, the first date of delivery will be next season.



Products with different delivery times

If you buy accessories (gardening tools, canvas or a vase) together with your dahlia order these will be delivered combined when it is time to deliver the dahlias. 



We deliver our products within the specified delivery time.  If your order is delayed, you will receive an email from FAM Flower Farm.


Shipping confirmation

Once your order has been sent, you will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail.

In this email message, you will find a Track & Trace number. Using this number and instructions from the shipping confirmation, you can track your order online.


Not at home at delivery

If no one is present at the delivery address when our carrier delivers your order, the carrier will leave an instruction card in the mailbox.

The carrier will take your order back or deliver it at the neighbors.

The instruction card states what action you can take to re-deliver your order.

If you do not take action, the carrier will re-deliver your order the next business day, unless stated otherwise on the instruction card.


Damage or defect upon delivery

The risk of damage or loss of delivery is borne by FAM Flower Farm.

So you do not have to worry about it. If you have received your order, we ask you to inspect the products properly.

The inspection can take place after you have signed a waiver for the driver. With this signature, you only confirm the number of packages you received. When the driver resumes his work, you can carry out the inspection.

Despite our efforts to deliver your order accurately, it may seem that you are not satisfied with something.

Once you have received your order, we ask you to inspect the products properly. Even if you do not use the products immediately, it is important that you inform us within 3 working days of any damage, defect or shortage upon delivery.

If you notice damage or delivery shortage we would like to receive photos for a prompt handling.

Below are the guidelines:

1 - A picture of the entire size / exterior of the package, showing the overall condition of the package;

2 - a photo of the shipping label;

3 - A picture of the opened package, with the contents and inner packaging IN the package being clearly visible;

4 - A picture of the full size of the bulbs, tubers or flowers.

6 - A detailed photo (close-up) of the actual damage to the item.

As soon as we have received all your photos, we can handle the complaint as soon as possible