Guarantee at FAM Flower Farm

For all products purchased from FAM Flower Farm, the legal warranty applies. This means that a product must be in good condition and should function properly when used properly. When you receive a product where this is not the case, FAM Flower Farm provides you with an appropriate solution as soon as possible. Due to availability and cultivation season, replacement may only take place in the next harvest season.


Guarantee and service at FAM Flower Farm:

  • You receive 1 year growth and flower guarantee;
  • The warranty is effective from the date of delivery;
  • The product is purchased from FAM Flower Farm;
  • You are entitled to a free new product;
  • This warranty applies in addition to and without prejudice to the statutory rights you already have.


Warranty does not apply to:

Damage resulting from improper care; Eg frost damage, planting too late, under- or overwatering or damage by animals like snails, deers, insects


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