How to make your own dahlia picking garden

Picking garden dahlias
How to make your own dahlia picking garden

Dahlias fit into any bouquet and combine super with other plants, even with wild plants or branches. How do you make your own picking garden? You can do it on a balcony, on a square meter, or on an entire field. We have some tips and give a list of the perfect varieties for a dahlia picking garden.

For a dahlia picking garden to fill your vases and vases all summer long, it's best to free up some space in your garden especially for this purpose. This can be done on a small square meter. You can put a lot of dahlias on that, think of about 9 to 12 pieces. Even in a container on your balcony or courtyard, you can make a picking garden, as long as there is enough sun during the day.

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  1. The right varieties

Good dahlia cut varieties have a long, straight, firm stem without too many leaves and side branches. The flower stands 'proud' on the stem and does not hang. In addition, stems stay in a vase for at least 5 and sometimes up to 8 days.

  1. The right combination

The best thing is to choose a varied mix. Therefore, when choosing your dahlias, pay attention to a varied combination of flower sizes and colors.

In addition, you can make your dahlia picking garden interesting by adding some other colorful flowers, such as annual picking flowers Lavatera trimestris, clary (Salvia viridis), cosmea, small Scabious (Scabiosa), zinnia, single-flowered Marigold (Tagetes patula 'Linnaeus') or lush umbelliferous flowers such as the white large field flower (Ammi majus) or the purple ornamental carrot Daucus carota dara.

  1. The right way of cutting

Always use a clean, sharp knife or pruning shears for cutting.

The best time to cut dahlias is in the morning or late evening when it is cooler. Bring a bucket of fresh water to put the flowers immediately after harvesting.

Look for the dahlias that are almost completely open. Use your knife or pruning shears to remove the leaves from the lower part of the stem (which will soon be in water). Sprinkle the leaves between your plants, this digests them into food for the soil.

  1. The right treatment

Fill a clean vase with clean lukewarm water. In warm weather, you can add a dash of natural vinegar. Change the water in the vase regularly, especially in a transparent vase. Check if it is necessary to cut off another piece of the stems.

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Bouquet tips

  • Divide your flowers into several vases

  • Combine dahlias in bouquets with branches of shrubs with beautiful leaves.

  • Combine dahlias with wild flowers or other garden flowers

  • Do not put a bunch of flowers in the full sun, near the stove or heating and do not put ripening fruit nearby

  • Temporarily put a bouquet in a cool place at night.

 dahlia cut varieties

Ideal dahlia cut flower varieties from left to right: Miss Delilah, Purple Planet, Lilac Bull, Jowey Mirella, Ambassador, Onesta, Caproz Pizzazz, El Santo, Für Elise, Ginger Snap, Sylvia, White Onesta and Café au Lait.

Ideal dahlia varieties for your picking garden