Yellow Bird **

Dahlia Yellow Bird is what is referred to as a ‘collerette’ or collar dahlia. Collerette dahlias have single petals, and bear a collar of smaller petals around their heart. Hence the name, collerette (small collar). Yellow Bird is a sunny addition to every border thanks to its striking lemon-yellow petals and orange heart. The pollen and nectar at its heart can easily be reached by insects, making this variety a suitable choice for gardeners wishing to attract butterflies and bees.

Unfortunately, we no longer grow this dahlia variety and therefore it will not come back in stock.

We have many other beautiful dahlia tubers, click here to see all dahlia varieties.

We sell dahlia tubers between 1 January and the end of May.

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Type of product Dahlia tubers
Color Yellow
Planting period Spring, after the last frost
Flowering period July-November
Flower size M
Flower shape Single flower
Height 80 cm / 32"
Number per package 1 dahlia tuber clump