Jowey Paula

Dahlia Jowey Paula is a blushing ball dahlia with an orange glow. Orange dahlias are perfect for adding a nice splash of colour to a garden. Incorporated into a bouquet, they match beautifully with purple cut flowers. Orange is an expressive colour that stands for fun and creativity. Jowey Paula is a great cut flower for bouquets and therefore ideally suited to ‘pick-it-yourself’ gardens.

In addition to Jowey Chantal, we also offer a few other dahlias with the name ‘Jowey’. They come from the breeder Jozef Weyts. He simply takes the first letters of his first and last name and adds another name to this. Jozef has produced abundant offspring in the field of flowers, with which he has won numerous prizes.

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More Information
Type of product Dahlia tubers
Planting period Spring, after the last frost
Flowering period July-November
Flower size M
Flower shape Decorative
Color Orange
Color description Orange
Suitable as cut flower yes
Height Middle
Height 90 cm / 35"
Number per package 1